July 3, 2011

Why I Make My Bed

I was thinking the other day about how many chores have to be done over and over each day. Like making the bed.

A few years ago, I remember a sweet newlywed friend laughingly telling me that she loves to sleep in, and if she got up to get a drink or something, her hubby would hurry and make the bed so that she wouldn't get back in it. An unmade bed didn't bother her at all (in fact, she found it quite welcoming!), but her military-trained husband liked things neat and tidy. (Now this sweet friend has three children, so her sleeping in days are over!)

Then I remembered a homeschooling seminar I attended once on managing a household and homeschool with many kids. Even though I was only homeschooling three, I figured I'd hear something helpful. Can't remember exactly what I gleaned from that seminar, but I do remember the speaker saying that making beds was a waste of time -- her kids just crawl back into them to do school, anyway! (Another tip from this homeschool mom: don't sort laundry, just throw in whatever you've got and wash it all together! I passed on that one, too.)

So why do I make my bed? 
  1. It instantly makes the room look neater. Even with a little clutter, a made bed looks infinitely better than an unmade bed.
  2. It minimizes distractions for my hubby. Our current bedroom is quite large, so it doubles as a home office / study space. Jeff prefers neatness, so making the bed removes one distraction for him.
  3. It helps with my laundry. The laundry room is in my bedroom closet, so I usually just carry things from the dryer to my bed and make a neat pile for each person to carry to their own room. I just can't do that on an unmade bed.
  4. It feels nicer to sleep in a bed that's been made, don't you agree?
  5. It promotes discipline in my life. It's not something I enjoy doing (although I do enjoy it once it's done), but it's something I need to do. So I do it. Most of the time.
  6. It sets a good example for my children. I expect them to make their beds daily. Why would I not do the same? And I've noticed that if one of the kids happens to come down to my room while I'm making the bed, they often offer to help me.
  7. It's good stewardship. Our home is currently up for sale, and I'm sure our landlord appreciates anything we do to make the home more appealing.
  8. It only takes two minutes. How many things can give this many benefits for just a two minute investment?
In the interest of full disclosure, I must say that my hubby makes the bed at least half the time... probably more often than that. If he sees it needs to be done and has a moment to do it, he just does it. Thanks, Jeff. And thanks to his mom for raising him that way.

Photo credit: Microsoft Office Clipart