I'm Suzanne

It's hard to write a bio. Let me just say that I'm simply a stay-at-home pastor's wife who homeschools (learning a lot from my kids), feeds the dog, and tries to encourage other ordinary women. And I have a personal barista. I like to write and take pictures when I have time, and this blog is a place for me to do that. Unless otherwise noted, all of the pictures on the blog are my own work. I try to be thoughtful in my writing, but I gave most of my brain cells to my children, and that explains a lot.

For those who might have wondered, the nickname Princapecos was given to me by my hubby as we watched the movie Life is Beautiful. In his own creative Georgia-boy way, he merged the Italian word for princess with the name of my Texas hometown, and Princapecos was born. Now you know. (Oh, and it's pronounced prince - uh - PAY - cose. Because if you're going to say it, you really should say it right.) 

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