February 19, 2013

While BOTH cats are away...

So I'm out on a date with my husband this afternoon and evening, which consists of hanging out at the seminary bookstore (I'm doing homework, he's studying) and then grabbing a bite to eat. And I get this text message and picture from my children...

"What some teenagers do when their parents leave the house..."

Followed by this message and picture...

"What we do."


Yes, we're homeschoolers.


  1. BELLA'S EYEBROWS! Mrs. Jackson, this is hysterical.

    1. My first response was, "Please tell me this is not Sharpie..." Perhaps your doggie needs a makeover, too!

  2. Was about to reply that drawing on your little brother and dog is not a homeschooler thing until I remembered doing it to Joey once. :)


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