February 27, 2013

True liberty... as a slave

I recently finished reading Slave: The Hidden Truth About Your Identity in Christ by John MacArthur.

For me, this was a really unique book on the believer's identity in Christ. Other writers have stated that we move from sinner to saint at salvation; Dr. MacArthur lays out a biblical case for our being slaves -- first slaves to sin, then slaves of Christ.

While he shares the biblical, historical, and cultural basis for this case, don't think this book is dry or academic. It's also quite challenging and devotional. Dr. MacArthur intersperses personal anecdotes and illustrations from many who have dealt with this very issue. In fact, the book includes an appendix, Voices from History, that made for interesting reading, as well.

I found many noteworthy quotes throughout the book -- both from Dr. MacArthur and others he cited -- but I think this is my favorite.

It harkens me back to Psalm 37:4...
Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. (ESV)
Remarkably, it was under Dr. MacArthur's ministry that I began to understand the true meaning of this verse. Somehow, I had a vague understanding that if I was happy in the Lord, He would give me what I wanted -- yet I knew that didn't sound right. It wasn't until about 15 years ago, while sitting under the teaching of Grace Community Church, that I learned that when I delight myself in the Lord -- find my every source of joy in Him and through Him -- that my desires will change to be in alignment with His will. So elementary, yet so revolutionary for me.

This book is just that revolutionary. It makes clear that when Jesus is truly our Savior, He is also our Lord and our Master; we are His slaves, bought with a price.

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  1. I read this a year or two ago and gleaned SO much from its pages. Such life-changing truth, straight from the truths of God's Word.

    1. And that's the best kind of life-changing truth, Elizabeth! That's one thing I've learned to appreciate about Dr. MacArthur's books -- he ALWAYS backs up what he says with sound, biblical exegesis.

  2. Here's a further explanation of the Scripture I referenced above... http://bit.ly/WnaoU3

  3. Tim has this book, so now I will add it to my "to read list" How do you do it? You seem to read so much.

    1. Good question, Mary... sounds like a good topic for an upcoming blog post!


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