August 15, 2010

I hear the clock ticking...

It's Sunday evening, and we have mostly been in repose here at home today due to illness. We vacationed this week, if you can call tending to one full-fledged flu victim and trying to prevent a domino effect among other family members, along with spending a fair amount of time on school planning, vacation.

In spite of the challenges, it was an enjoyable and mostly relaxing time. Our cabin was perched next to something of a deer interstate, so we enjoyed the morning and evening parades. Only on the last day did we discover that the deer stood staring at us because they were waiting for corn, as provided by many of the previous tenants of the cabin! (Note: in a pinch, deer will eat wheat bread.)

School starts on Wednesday, and I'm not quite ready. Still more planning needed, as well as a couple of books that I need to order. Thankfully, we'll start with a modified, lighter schedule and work into our full schedule by sometime in September. Last year was challenging, and both kids are starting a new phase of study, so I almost feel like I'm starting from scratch in my planning, focus, and discipline. In addition, we're starting a new family business (shameless plug) which will require additional time from all of us.

Thankfully, we are daily laying our plans before the Lord as we allow Him to direct our steps.

8/17/2010 Update: AnnaKate succumbed to the stomach bug last night. I wasn't feeling very well myself, so my sweet husband stayed up with her through the night. He held her head when she was sick, and sanitized the hound out of the house while she was resting. Bella, our dog, kept vigil with him. On the bright side, I guess this gives me one more day of planning, since I doubt AnnaKate will be up to doing school tomorrow. Sadly (in his opinion), Jared will be starting on his own tomorrow -- provided there are no more victims!

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