September 5, 2010

Do you feel fall in the air?

It's always nice when September begins with a sudden drop in temperatures. I grew up in the Phoenix area and never really knew a season (unless you count the four days of winter). So I've enjoyed my time in Georgia, and now that we are only an hour south of it's northernmost border, I'm seeing even more of a difference in seasons. This spring was absolutely beautiful, with just about everything blooming at once. Of course, that meant everything polinating at once, too... Then we had two months of wonderful summer rains, followed by a very toasty August.

This morning, Jared and I enjoyed a walk (while Bella ran -- she feels the fall, too); I even wore a jacket! The high today will be only in the mid-eighties. I know we'll have another run of warm weather before fall comes in earnest, but the Jackson family is thanking the Lord for this respite and preview!

Happy Labor Day, y'all!

(By the way, the photo is from last year's annual Burt's Pumpkin Farm trip... we won't go this year until late October.)

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