March 22, 2011

Risk Taker? Join the Club!

I'm not a huge risk taker. I enjoy the occasional roller coaster, I'll eat certain kinds of sushi, and I own my own business. However, at this point, I don't think I would skydive, eat blowfish, or wear an alligator on my head.

Nester over at The Nesting Place had a cool idea for her blog today. She's created a holiday, National Take A Risk Day, and has invited risk-takers to link up with the post. I felt like it was very timely, as I'd just written this post about a project that I'd been quite uncertain about but decided to try.

One of the blogs I subscribe to (gotta love google reader) participated, as well. It was an encouraging insight into this mom's life and journey -- stop by and read it if you have time. And check out her gorgeous photography -- it always inspires me to try to take more (and more interesting) photos of everyday life.

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