May 1, 2012

Washington DC and a reminder...

Jeff and I have enjoyed a whirlwind trip to Washington DC the last few days... probably me more than him. (After all, this trip has really been all about him being poked and prodded to be sure he can donate stem cells to his sister.)

 After arriving in the wee hours Sunday morning, we did a trial run to NIH, just to be sure we could find it before we had to fight our way there through rush hour traffic on Monday morning. Later that afternoon, we enjoyed a driving tour through downtown Washington (that's what we're calling our search for a parking spot). I saw some amazing architecture and was able to snap a few shots from the car window.

We finally found the perfect place to park on the mall, and the Washington Monument was happy to serve as our marker to help us find our way back. You can see that beauty from just about anywhere! The Secret Service officers were very friendly and helpful, answering our questions which ranged from "Can we park here?" (the answer was "no") to "Are there any public bathrooms around here?" (another "no") to "Has that woman really camped across the street from the White House for the past thirty years?" (unbelievably, it was "yes" to that one, but she still has not achieved world peace).

After parking, we wandered around by foot, just enjoying the lovely spring day. Just people watching in DC is a cultural experience. We didn't try any of the local food (read that "street cart") this trip.

I figured  Jeff should get a picture of me in front of the White House... after all, I've been helping to pay the mortgage on it for years!

The bank that holds our money that makes those mortgage payments is conveniently (and attractively) located just around the corner...

This is the closest we got to the Capitol building.

We spent all day yesterday and much of today at NIH, getting clearance for Jeff to donate stem cells for his sister's transplant. When we finished up today, we visited with Tim and Michele in her hospital room for a bit. Michele's medical team is working hard to determine the cause of her fever and the swelling under her eye -- they really are the best. Then we headed back to the Fisher House at Andrews AFB, our home away from home, to rest and get ready for the long trip back tomorrow. We can't wait for our next trip -- we'll be able to share the city with the kids and complete the transplant donation!

To learn more about Michele's transplant and how you can help, please read my post about Shopping for Shelly. And please spread the word by sharing the link via Facebook, Twitter, email -- however you communicate with your friends and family! Bloggers, my sweet daughter even helped me make a blog button that you can share on your blog. (Just cut and paste the code.) Thanks!

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