June 17, 2012

Especially for Jeff...

Because I've spent most every moment of the last two weeks with my hubby, I've not been able to search out the perfect Father's Day card. Please excuse me as I turn this post into a one-of-a-kind card just for him!

Dear Jeff,

Thanks for asking me to tag along on your on-again / off-again trip to Washington DC this week. While the week did not at all turn out as we expected (for which we are thankful!), I'm thankful for the time I've had with you.
  • Time for quiet moments to spend alone.
  • Time to spend with you and your parents.
  • Time to encourage Tim and Michele together.
  • Time to watch you study and work to communicate your faith as you completed an extensive church search questionnaire.
  • Time to watch you respond to the week's ups and downs in a godly way.
  • Time to be silly together.
  • Time to be ministered to by you (because kidney stones sometimes have very poor timing).
Thanks for helping me to be a better mother, wife, woman every day. I couldn't want for a better father for my children.


Jeff with our two still-at-homes

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  1. Beautifully put! You and your children are so blessed to have a true, loving minister in your home. I am fortunate for the same and realize not every family is as blessed. May you and your family feel His arms around you!


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