December 3, 2012

This could only happen to me, right?

I stopped by Kohl's last Friday -- for the second day in a row -- did a little Christmas shopping, completed my purchase, and was headed to the door. I was approached by three smiling (almost giddy, really) employees who asked me if I was familiar with Kohl's Dream Receipt Giveaway, because I was a winner! My entire purchase, just completed, was on Kohl's!

My face falls as I leaned forward and quietly say, "Are you serious? I just spent $5. I've never spent just $5 at Kohl's in my life. Can you give it to someone else?"

Not a chance.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very thankful. And they did even give me back the $10 Kohl's Cash card I had also applied to the purchase, as well as a $10 card to share with a friend.

They made a big announcement over the intercom, I acted very excited (I think I even let out a "woohoo!"), I thanked them and went on.

As I was driving off to run a dozen other errands, I thought, "Wow. I could've finished my Christmas shopping today. And found a new bedspread. And picked up that pretty KitchenAid mixer AnnaKate and I have been admiring."

Then I laughed. As Jeff and I have been praying for God's provision, especially this Christmas, here was just a small gift that the Lord had given me. One gift completely paid for. And a reminder of what we are really celebrating, after all.

And I thanked Him for his provision in things big and small as He meets our needs each day.

P.S. The next day, this came in the mail (just as viruszilla attacked):

I'd forgotten that I'd won it here. Another sweet gift.



  1. ARE YOU SERIOUS?? F I V E dollars? I now have this urge to go shopping at Kohl's and buy lots of stuff, and then return it the next day...for a few weeks straight! Think they would catch on to my scheme? JK..
    What I did love was your perspective. Thanking the Lord for His provisions both big and small. I remembered your recent house hunt, when finding a home seemed daunting because of price or location. But God! He is indeed faithful.
    You mentioned one gift completely paid for. How is it that we get so caught up in the hustle & bustle and not remember the One who completely paid the great debt that we could never pay. Oh, What a Savior! Thanks for the post. I will be both cringing and thanking for days to come!!

  2. I know, Mary. Jeff and AnnaKate both said they felt a little sick when I told them. And, to be honest, I felt that way at first myself. Which is funny, since I wouldn't have felt bad at all if I had NOT won ANYTHING! I was blessed to have won anything at all because, as always, I deserved nothing. And I have gifts beyond measure in the goodness of my Lord.


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