June 6, 2015

This and that 06|06|15

I finally finished this book (for me, a not-so-daily devotional), and I'm still working on this one and this one.  But when I need lighter reading, I find I'm enjoying this one quite a lot. I found it at my favorite local bookshop, which always has an interesting variety of preowned reads.

We wrapped up school about a week ago, but I'm already thinking about next year. I recently learned of Trello, a cool (and free!) visual organizational tool to help me file ideas and plan for these last two years (!) of homeschooling. (Try it out, then share it with your friends to earn free months of their premium service -- be sure to watch the short tutorials, it'll make much more sense.) I also started using Pocket on my phone and laptop in an effort to stop filling up my inbox with things I see on Twitter or other places but want to read later.

I'm thinking of leading my son through an informal writing workshop this summer (or fall), so many articles on writing have caught my eye. While I'm not sure my highschooler will really go for this, I'm all in.

This was pretty much my favorite response to the Jenner media lovefest:

Is it just me, or is summer laundry so much better than winter laundry? Laundry has never been my favorite job, but smaller laundry is better in my book. (True story: a friend who knew I disliked folding whites and towels offered to call my hubby with a deep doctrinal question on laundry day because he often unconsciously folds while talking on the phone. Now that's a real friend.)

Besides laundry, what are you up to this summer?

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