June 23, 2010

Fellowship of the Burger

We are an In-N-Out Burger family. Some of you have no idea what I'm talking about, some of you are shaking your head in pity, but a few  of you -- and you know who you are -- are part of an In-N-Out Burger family, too!

In-N-Outers are a unique group, a fraternity of sorts. Most lived in California, Nevada, or Arizona for at least a short time. All of us miss the uniqueness of our favorite burger joint. Chick-Fil-A gives us the service quality, but not the beef or fresh cut fries. And Five Guys may have similarities, but it's just not the same.

One of my favorite things about In-N-Out is that I have to make very few decisions when I eat there. I mean, their menu is limited (which allows them to excel at what they do offer). Our family can order there in record time! The food is consistently fresh, hot, good...

When we wear our In-N-Out paraphernalia  in public, we are often approached by fellow In-N-Outers. And we've done the same. Just the other day, we were approached in Lowe's in our little Georgia town by a former Orange County resident who almost drooled when he saw the shirt. "Oh, how 'bout an animal style!" he said longingly. "Just had one last week," I shot back. We're a sympathetic lot, we In-N-Outers!

And if you're an In-N-Outer, too, you'll understand the look on this guy's face:

Chow, baby!


  1. This is just not fair, Mommy!

  2. Oh, golly this makes me crave a cheeseburger. Would love to bring In-n-Out to Kansas City.


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