June 14, 2010

Home is where the heart is...

Last week, our family went all different directions. Jeff attended an all-day class for three days, the younger kids were at camp for a few days, the oldest was working even more than usual, and I took a quick trip to Arizona. We were finally all back together on Monday, spending a fun day together.

Although I had a good time visiting with family (the one I was born into) in Arizona and taking care of some necessary things, I really missed sharing many special moments with my hubby and kids. It was a good exercise for me. For several days, I basically lived as a single woman on vacation might live -- I was able to get in some pampering, go to the movies, shop, and eat out (including In-N-Out Burger and some good Mexican). I shared funny and touching moments with my family there, but something was missing. I missed being able to say things with a look instead of words. I missed the impromptu hugs and humor from my kids. I missed the security of having my husband sleeping next to me. I missed my family -- my husband and kids; I missed my everyday life.

So now I'm back at home and we are all catching up. And I'm loving it.

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