July 3, 2010

Happy Fourth!

Even though today is July 3, we've had lots of Independence Day celebration! I guess our town celebrated today because the 4th is on a Sunday. We started our day at the local parade, where we watched the crowd applaud both veterans and active duty military. The high school marching band set the tone with a patriotic tune. Local businesses participated, as well, and we saw our share of beauty queens and political candidates as they glad-handed and passed out candy and flags.

As the crowd cleared out, we wandered downtown to the farmer's market and bought beautiful heirloom tomatoes (wish I had taken a picture of them!), fresh flowers, and homemade salsa.

After taking care of a few things at home, we walked to the park for more fun. We checked out the vendors, then watched families enjoy the petting zoo, camel rides, and giant slide. When our thirst got the best of us, we bought some homemade lemonade before visiting with some newly-made friends for a while.

Dinner was everything a good 4th of July dinner should be -- grilled chicken, veggies from the garden, and ice cream for dessert. The grand finale was enjoying the fireworks from our back deck together. A great ending to a great day!

God is so good to provide these moments for us. Thank you, Lord, and help me to enjoy them fully.
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