February 24, 2012

How do I detox a dog?

 We've been staying with my hubby's folks for about a month now, helping out as Dad recovers from a major surgery and also trying to figure out what our next step is. Now that our children are older and more self-sufficient, one concern we always have regarding a move is The Dog. Will there be enough room for The {somewhat large} Dog? Will other people involved mind The {somewhat social} Dog?

Thankfully, this transition has gone very smoothly in all ways, including The Dog. In fact, we've already been informed that we cannot take The Dog with us when we leave this home, wherever we go. We can leave, and we can take the grandkids, but we must leave The Dog. Like that's going to happen.

But now I'm afraid that even The Dog is turning. One evening, the physical therapist was stopping by for Dad's discharge visit. I thought it would just be simplest for The Dog to be in the backyard to avoid any initial barking or later slobbering all over our visitor, so I told The Dog to come on outside. Instead of jumping up and immediately obeying as she normally does, she just laid there and looked at me. So I spoke again more firmly. She stood up this time, but really didn't make a move. "Bella, come here," I said sternly. The Dog looked right at me, then walked over to Mom's chair and sat down next to her, as if to say, "Grandma won't let you make me go outside."

The Dog did go outside, eventually, with more commands from me (and snickering from my in-laws). But it was a bit surprising to me that she figured out the whole grandparent-grandchild dynamic on her own and how to make it work in her favor.

Detox is comin', baby, just wait and see.

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