July 3, 2012

Another milestone...

There's a lot of busyness around our house this week, and I have mixed feelings about it. My daughter is leaving us for two weeks.

About seven weeks ago, an opportunity arose for AnnaKate to participate in an overseas mission trip this summer. She's wanted to do this for a couple of years, but the timing hadn't been right. And we weren't sure that she (or I) was ready. This time, we felt she was ready and, after days of prayer and after conferring with the pastor overseeing the trip, we decided to go for it. The commitment included AnnaKate paying for her own passport and then raising the remainder of the money in a short amount of time.

God, as always, has been so good to provide all of her needs.

Now we're praying that He will keep her safe, allow her to minister, and help this mom (and her dad) to get through two weeks without her. Because this mom has mixed feelings about these milestones.

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  1. I hope that everything went well with the travel - I'm sure that it did! Thanks for linking up at Living Well Wednesdays, Suzanne, and I'd love to see you again next Wednesday! :) I know that others will enjoy making that delicious treat. I still need to get around to making it myself! :) Blessings, Lauren, lholmes79.wordpress.com


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