July 25, 2012


{This post idea was borrowed from Emily at Jones Design Company.
If you like lovely things, you'll like her blog.}

loving: Having my girl back home from her two-week-out-of-the-country mission trip.

reading: Trusting God by Jerry Bridges. Again. Because I forget to.

waiting for: God's provision of a church and home for our family.

excited about:  a potential opportunity before us even now.

missing: my already launched oldest child.

trying to: get a bunch of homeschool curriculum sold and trying to get my act together for the upcoming school year.

using: the few card-making supplies I have on hand to send out some encouraging notes

wearing: shorts and a tee -- what my daughter calls my "deceptively sporty outfit" with my faithful Okibashi flip-flops.

planning: our lives for the next few weeks, as best I can, keeping in mind that "the heart of a man plans his way, but the Lord established his steps."

singing: 10,000 Reasons... I really should learn more of the words so I'm not mumbling my way through. I'd never heard it until a sweet family sang it in church last month.

needing: to remember not to worry, and how to not worry.

learning: again, like a good little wilderness-wandering Israelite, that God is faithful.

listening: to father and son working as a team to save the universe from all sorts of evil. I'm so proud of my Xbox boys.

wishing:  for just a bit of dark chocolate... it doesn't take much to make me happy.

doing: lots of list-making, organizing, and research to make a potential transition easier.

praying for: God to give my husband strength, clarity of thought, discernment, and grace as he studies to preach this Sunday; for my children to seek after the Lord; for me to be more faithful, grateful and Christlike

dreaming: of nesting again, and maybe even using some of the gazillion ideas I've pinned on Pinterest.

I had fun thinking through these things. Won't you come play along, too?

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  1. Praying for you Suzanne. Love you and miss you.


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