August 1, 2012

The Back to School Boost for Moms!

About this time of year, I'm feeling unorganized and a bit overwhelmed. As of today, I'm still dealing with loose ends from our last school year and still making plans for the coming school year. And I have the added challenge of not being sure exactly when we'll be starting school or eve which state we'll be schooling in!

In the midst of figuring out new schedules, I still need to keep everyone clothed and fed, as well as keep the house clean. At this point, I start feeling a little less than Proverbs 31-ish, if you know what I mean.

I have a feeling that whether you homeschool or not, if you have school-aged kids you may be feeling the same way. I have two things for you that I hope will help.

First, if the all the details are causing you to be anxious, read this. I probably need to re-read it once a week... or maybe once a day right now.

Second, if you'd like a few very practical resources to help you regain control, have I got a deal for you! How about five resources for just $10? Here's a special Back to School Boost for Moms eBook Bundle:

For one week only (Aug 1 - 8), you can get 5 e-books for one low price.
Just $10 for all 5 e-books.
  1. Tell Your Time: How to Manage Your Schedule So You Can Live Free
  2. Create Your Perfect Cleaning Schedule
  3. The No-Brainer Wardrobe
  4. Cupcakes! Twelve Months of Happiness
  5. Feast in 15: Speed Cooking for Weeknight Dinners
The cost to buy all five e-books separately is $28.95. 
For this week only, you can get them all for just $10! 

For more info on each e-book and to purchase the bundle, click here.

But hurry -- this deal won't be available after Wednesday, August 8!

Note: As an affiliate seller, I will receive a portion of the proceeds from each sale linked through my site. My family thanks you for your purchase!

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