January 3, 2013

2013 Reading Challenge

 If you know our family (or have ever helped us move), you know we have book issues. We read a lot. We own even more. We rescue books, new and old, from bookstores where they might lie ignored and unappreciated. Sort of like puppies, but without the food and vet bills (although we've done that, too).

 We have a lot of books. A lot.

Because of unusual living situations over the past few years, many of our books have been in hibernation, carefully packed up until the day they could be shelved, displayed, loved, and read again. so when we made a recent move and were reunited with our book friends, it was like a family reunion of sorts. We greeted some with, "Hello, old friend!" and others with, "Wow, I forgot I owned this but I'm so glad I do!"

So when I saw Deliberate Reader's 2013 Reading Challenge, it seemed like a perfect fit for me: over twelve months, read twenty-four books from my own bookshelves. No purchasing books for the challenge, and books read on a e-reader don't count (which should make my girly very happy).

I don't have a specific book list yet, as it may evolve through the year, but I do have a Pinterest board started (yes, I know: pinning is not the same as doing). I'll probably pile books onto my Pinterest board like I add books to my Amazon wish list -- once they are there, I'll pick and choose what I'll actually read. It'll be a mix of fiction and non-fiction, but I'm hoping this will help me increase my non-fiction reading. And I'll try to do better about updating my lists on Goodreads, too, so feel free to check in on me there, as well.

I suspect that many of the books I read will be books I have read before, but I'll be reading them differently this time. Those books were previously read at a-chapter-a-week rate for our church's mid-week study, and I think that reading larger chunks at a time will be beneficial. Besides, I'm in a different season of life than I was then, so I think I'll be affected differently.

Each month, I'll let you know how it's going and give you a few highlights of my reading. And I'd love for you to join the fun, too. What do you plan to read in 2013?


Growing Home


  1. I love that first line - hubby & I definitely have "book issues" too! We have so many book shelves in our little house, and our books *still* don't fit on them all! Never mind ebooks... :)

  2. Sounds like fun. I'm doing a "catch up on the classics challenge" where we read books we should have read in school but didn't for whatever reason. I hope you will post the books you read, especially the good ones!


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