October 14, 2011

Did I mention I love fall?

I'm really enjoying the advantages of living in the North Georgia mountains in the fall. (However, there may well be a post about the DISadvanges of living in the North Georgia mountains come winter.)

At least a couple of times a week, I head down a 4-mile country road to get into town. The speed limit on this road is 35 mph, but I find there are very few places where I can comfortably get up to that speed (although others do -- and I let them pass me). But I love this -- I love that I'm made to drive slow enough to notice the beauty around me. Here are a couple of pictures I took earlier this week on that drive.

On his way to visit a client on the other side of town recently, Jeff discovered a beautiful drive. We had a few minutes after running errands late yesterday afternoon, so he shared it with us. I'm thankful there was a scenic lookout for this first one, but wish you could see the fall colors as well as we did.

As we stood there, we watched a storm roll in...

and roll in some more.

We made it to the top of the mountain before the storm arrived, and it was just beautiful.

Yes, I do love fall.

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