October 18, 2011

Great meals, less time -- sounds good to me!

I enjoy cooking dinner for my family (and I sure enjoy eating), but I find myself cooking the same meals month after month. And even as a stay-at-home mom, our family schedule sometimes leaves me with little time to spend in the kitchen.

A couple of years ago I found great resource: Eat at Home: Everyday Food for Busy People. On her blog, Tiffany shares great tips and recipes that allow her to save money by quickly cooking at home rather than ordering takeout when life gets busy. And now, Tiffany has a new e-book: Feast in 15: Speed Cooking for Weeknight Dinners. Packed with loads of recipes, as well as tips, tricks, menus and grocery lists, it's an great value at just $4.99.

Disclosure: I am a Feast in 15 affiliate and will receive a commission for those who purchase through the link on my site. Thanks!

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