October 5, 2011

My Hunger Games Blog Post

So, my daughter is hosting a Hunger Games blog event this month, and she just came in and informed me that I should write a blog post from the perspective of a 49-year-old Hunger Games addict. Just a couple of problems there...
  1. I'm not 49 years old.
  2. I'm not a Hunger Games addict.
She said she got mixed up because my hubby / her father is about to turn 50. I informed her that when he turns 50, I still will not be 49. Math has never been her strong point.

As far as the addiction issue, here's the deal. She was loaned the books. She devoured the books. She bought the books. Then my son borrowed and devoured the books. I'm always a bit leery of "hot trend" books, so I figured I might as well read them to be sure my children were not being exposed to a demonic plot (although, knowing the family that originally loaned the books, I wasn't overly concerned). And I enjoyed them.

Now there's a movie coming out in the spring. And my kids and their friends talk about the books, the movies, and the characters. Often. The only other book/movie series I've seen generate this much discussion between them has been Lord of the Rings (and, for the record, HG is no LOTR). Among my daughter and her friends, most of the discussion goes like this:

AKJ: Peeta is the best, most true, most courageous character EVAH!

Friend: No way, Gale rules!

AKJ: For pity's sake, go over to my blog and read all my reasons why Peeta is the best, and you will be converted forEVAH!

I have talked about Hunger Games with my friends, as well. The conversation has gone more like this:

Me: Did AnnaKate loan The Hunger Games to (your child)?

Friend: Yes.

Me: I hope (your child) enjoys it. Want to get some coffee?

Now I've written my obligatory post on The Hunger Games to fulfill my maternal blogger obligations. And I feel almost 49 now.

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